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Story early Hermosa

An early book for the Custer County fair featured this ad:

A Set of Dishes Free!

Dr. H. J. Churchill

The Druggist and Grocer

A fine set of dishes to a couple who will be married from the Grand Stand on the last day of the Fair. Now, you miserable old bachelor, all that is necessary to start out in first class shape, is to ask her and have a few dollars to pay the preacher.

Churchill will furnish the necessary Groceries and Paregoric. On time. He has no use for money.

The first Hermosa Post Office was established as “Strater, Dakota Territory,” on the ranch of John Strater, appointed first postmaster April 12, 1883, and located one mile west of Hermosa, on the current site of the Neugebauer place.

On Nov. 6, 1896, Walter N. Walker was appointed Postmaster and the office was moved to the Walker office of the Battle River Stage Station located one mile east of Strater; the name was changed to Battle River.  On July 12, 1886, Herman M. McKnight was appointed Postmaster. Not long after, the railroad reached the creek and built its depot a short distance from the stage station. Promptly the town moved close to the railroad and on July 23, 1886, the name was changed to Hermosa.

___________–modified from Our Yesterdays, the history of Eastern Custer County, published July 1970, p. 796.

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