Members are committed to rejuvenating our historic school building, constructed in 1896, so that it can serve the Hermosa community for artistic and educational purposes and community events. We have made extraordinary strides in refurbishing the building: put a safe foundation under it, restored the historic windows, added solid concrete steps. Volunteers are working now to complete a decorative and historically accurate porch. Our summer projects include creation of Doug’s Garden in memory of our first president Douglas Hesnard. The planters will represent two important regional ecosystems, the Black Hills and the Plains, with a memorial stone dedicated to Doug’s memory. We plan to include more planters and bricks from the original building in the garden plan.

However, before it can serve as a community center, our building still needs extensive work inside and out, such as new plaster on the walls; an improved stairway to the second floor; an elevator to make the second floor accessible to everyone; a working kitchen and a bathroom.

You can help make this wonderful building live again in service to all Hermosa area residents by donating today. Just clip the coupon below and sent it with your check to HAHA.

Print the coupon below, add your donation and mail it to

Hermosa Arts & History Association

P.O. Box 175

Hermosa, S. D. 57744


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